Contaminated bulk Water Treatment         

Treatment machinery for hire- AVAILABLE SOON-

Acid Solutions presents the latest Multipurpose Solutions for treating contaminated water-

The E.P.S. (Environmental Protection System) is a self powered, multipurpose treatment machine, capable of many types of small to medium sized treatments.  The E.P.S. provides a large range of treatment capabilities to suit your requirements.

The E.P.S.™ "LITE"
The E.P.S.™ "LITE" is designed for treatment of contaminated dams and pits and can use a large range of reagents. Its simple to use and fast treatment capabilities make it perfect for councils, construction and industries where regular or intermittant treatment is required licensed discharge. It operates with up to 3 different reagents and has a range of application systems to suit your requirements. The E.P.S.™ is perfect for fast and simple treatment of pH, Suspended Solids and basic dissolved metals. We can also provide flexible separation walls (Flo-Wall) to allow treatment of a smaller volume within a large site to greatly reduce reagent requirements.

The E.P.S. "MULTI"
- The E.P.S. "MULTI" is the Multi Reagent, Multi process version of the E.P.S.™ which has been designed for targeting and removal of difficult dissolved metals and many other contaminants. This system will treat using up to 6 different reagents with 2 to 5 stage chemical processing.

The E.P.S.™ treatment systems are highly versatile and accurate, for cost effective treatment of contaminated water. They are very fast to install and operate and are adapted to suit your site and water treatment requirements using the extensive range of plug on modular accessories and application systems. The E.P.S. makes treatment easy and greatly minimizes operator requirements, time and costs. 

The C.R.A.B.
- The C.R.A.B. (Calibrated Reagent Applicating Blender) this is our multipurpose machine capable of extremely large volume treatment. For temporary, and long term/permanent Lease. The C.R.A.B. has many modular capabilities, is suited to many types of treatment (In-Line, In-Situ, Multi reagent and multi Process Treatment) is capable of both simple and complex treatments, and has a huge reagent output of over 4 tonnes per hour of powdered reagents to within 3% accuracy.
The C.R.A.B. treatment systems have the benefit of having a very short installation time, low infrastructure requirements, have a very large volume and high quality treatment capability and can be removed after the requirement is gone. Our systems being leased, do not have the large initial outlay costs to the customer associated with a permanent plant. We provide full customisation, installation, training and ongoing assistance to operators of leased machinery. We can provide contracted operation or train the clients designated operators as required. 

Our machines are ready to use and are supplied with a full and comprehensive 38 page WPH&S manual, short form JSA/JHA manual, Operations Manual, basic chemical/reagent guide, pre-treatment check list, reagent application and treatment record forms and a full list of MSDS's for reagents used.

These machines will be AVAILABLE SOON for specialised hire to allow companies to treat water with methods we have developed, perfected and used over the last 12 years.

Ready to Work

Power, Control Capabilities and Safety Systems

These systems have been designed with built in safety and control capabilities. The processor allows modular cable connection for remote autostart, autostop, automatic safety shutdown, external shutdown for adjoing pumps and systems and alerting to provide security for environmentally sensitive treatment operations. These advanced control capabilities are used to compliment your treatment requirements and provide extra control, accuracy and environmental safety. These systems can be configuared to also operate from mains power if requested. All systems have Mines standard Electrics so you're assured of receiving safe and compliant machinery.

Understanding your water problems and the best way to treat them:

Many clients prefer us to conduct a thorough water problem inspection and analysis to ensure the most efficient and cost effective methods and reagents are used to achieve you goals.
We can provide a comprehensive manual to guide you through the water treatment process providing reagent rates, best methods of treatment, time and cost saving methods. We can simplify what many find as a daunting and difficult task, and what some companies make out to be difficult and costly problems. We have dealt with a broad spectrum of complex, large, difficult and remote water problems over the last 14 years so you're assured of receiving guidance from people that have been there before.

Our Treatment machinery hire provides you new oportunities to manage your projects water compliance logistics quickly, efficiently and smoothly providing huge time and money savings.

Bulk Water Treatment

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