Contaminated bulk Water Treatment          

Do you require URGENT or ongoing Contaminated Bulk Water Treatment?

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Acid Solutions provide fast remediation for VERY LARGE VOLUMES of mild to extremely contaminated water, using multi-purpose, mobile, self-powered, flexible machines.  
Our capabilities allow us to treat hundreds of millions of litres of contaminated water on difficult to access remote sites, in a matter of days to weeks using sometimes hundreds of tonnes of environmentally safe reagents.
We provide an integrated solution to very quickly and accurately treat pH, Acidity, Toxic Dissolved Metals, Suspended Solids, Acid Mine Drainage and many Industrial Contaminants.
We can target specific contaminants and produce the HIGH WATER QUALITY RESULTS you need for environmental protection, licensed release, irrigation disposal or reuse.
Our Services provide fast, high volume, accurate treatment.
We also provide neutralisation of Acid forming waste rocks along with Dam Sealing for large leaking dams without the need for dewatering.
Acid Solutions
use the latest and most efficient mobile treatment systems and services of their type in the world today.  We treat sites previously thought to be untreatable, revolutionizing the way contaminated water is treated.  Our 12 years of experience and proven patented processes deliver accurate and extremely fast treatments to achieve the required water quality results at a fraction of the cost of old traditional treatment methods.   We provide site assessments, consulting services and remedial high quality specialised treatment services for Australia’s Mining, Industry and Government Departments.
We have successfully completed many projects for councils, government departments and large companies like Xstrata, BHP, Thiess, Main Roads, Perilya, Queensland Energy Resources, Arrow Energy, URS Corporation, Southern Pacific Sands, Stocklands, Readymix, Boral, Hutchinsons, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Abandoned Mines, Department of Environment and EPA. Many of these are return clients.
To date, we have accurately treated over 7,800 million litres (7.8 Giga-litres), of contaminated water (More than 3,100 Olympic swimming pools in volume) requiring more than 2,700 Tonnes of environmentally safe reagent blends.

Blue Green Algae in reuse damHighly Acidic seepage old mine workingsDMandE Contaminated River700 Meg Pre-treatment
Treatment Solutions for:
Typical Sites we treat:
  • pH & Acidity
  • Dissoved metals and metaloids
  • Suspended solids and turbidity
  • Many Industrial Contaminants
  • Mild to extremely contaminated water
  • Acid forming rock & soil Neutralisation
  • Large leaking Dams
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Large contaminated catchment, holding & tailings Dams
  • Contaminated lakes and river systems
  • Abandoned Mines, Quarries, Construction and Industry
  • Large Dams at risk of overflowing or leaking
  • Sensitive, large, remote and dificult to access locations
  • Acid leaching waste rock dumps (ARD / AMD)
DM&E Contaminated Pit 64 Hectare Suspended Solids   Clay Contaminated Reuse DamE.P.S. Mobile Treatment System

The Benefits Acid Solutions can offer you:

  • Rapid response emergency water treatment (FAST mobilisation, on-site setup and treatment)
  • Exceptional water quality results
  • Treatment tailored to your required water quality (environmental protection/release, irrigation, reuse )
  • Extrordinary high volume water treatment rates- Often many million of litres per day
  • Treatments from 100,000 litres to many Gigalitres
  • No permanent infrastructure required. All systems are non invasive and self powered.
  • Fully mobile, modular, single , dual or multiple stage high quality water processing.
  • Unmatched capability for remote and difficult to access sites.

Bulk Water Treatment

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