Contaminated bulk Water Treatment       

About Acid Solutions Pty Ltd

Acid Solutions is committed to providing efficient and cost effective treatment, of extremely large volumes of contaminated water and associated site problems on remote and difficult to access sites.

Acid Solutions has provided a large range of highly successful contaminated bulk water treatment services throughout Australia since 2002 for customers such as Department of Natural Resources and Mines /EPA, Local Authorities, Mines and Quarries.
We provide for our clients the very latest design technology machines and systems of their type available in the world today for treating bulk contaminated water.
With our extensive range and fleet of mobile machines, systems and equipment, our professional technicians work to our Quality Management System, ANZECC water quality guidelines and Environmental Protection Authority and client requirements.  Acid Solutions delivers environmentally responsible, flexible and cost effective treatment solutions with mobile machines and systems to remediate contaminated water for recycling, environmental protection or release.
Much of what is state of the art today from Acid Solutions started in 1998 and was developed in collaboration with universities, government departments, engineers & mining companies.
Our treatment services provide specific on-site customization ensuring the customer’s requirements are met precisely. Acid solutions trained technical staff provides all remediation services from site analysis, water sampling and lab trials, consulting, treatment site and process customization, site installation and treatment services. Our specially designed multi capability systems provide a large and varied range of treatment options to suit the customer’s precise treatment requirements.
We don't provide a single fix all method to suit all issues, because all water problems are not the same!
We provide an accurate, safe and reliable means of treating difficult sites and water problems.
Our mobile systems are designed for easy operational setup and fast and efficient treatment solutions no matter what the location, site situation or volume.
Acid Solutions delivers our clients a total solution to their water treatment requirements.

“Gone are the days, when companies would take months and months of trials and planning trying to find the best way to treat the water successfully while trying to save money, only to keep postponing or spend millions of dollars on a large permanent fixtures that may do the job.   Mining and industry are put under huge pressure dealing with environmental regulations, time restraints and tight budgets.  Our mobile treatment services provide the relief and the solutions and deliver extremely high water quality results.  If you have large volumes of highly contaminated water, low pH, high Acidity and dissolved metal problems, you don’t need the cost or the hastle of an expensive permanent treatment system.    Acid solutions treatment team will bring our mobile, specialised treatment systems to you.”

                                               Jason Beath Managing Director Acid Solutions Group



Bulk Water Treatment

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