Contaminated bulk Water Treatment         

Treatment Case Studies

Case Study No.1
200 Megalitres of Copper contaminated water treated for environmental protection and release.
Case Study No. 1 .pdf file

Case Study No.2
685 megalitre Abandoned mine treated for Environmental protection with 140 tonnes of reagent in 11 days.
Case Study No. 2 .pdf file

Case Study No.3
Mount Morgan Mine Emergency wetseason treatment using 520 tonnes of reagent in 65 days.
Case Study No.3 .pdf file

Case Study No.4
Treatment of 360 Megalitre pit containing High Acidity, Dissolved Metals and Ferrous iron.
Case Study No. 4 .pdf file

Case Study No.5
Abandoned mine leachate treated for Xstrata.
Case Study No. 5 .pdf file

Case Study No.6
9 Pits (540 Megalitres) treated in 14 days with 85 tonne of reagent.
Case Study No. 6 .pdf file

Case Study No.7
Environmentally sensitive waterways treated for suspended solids.
Case Study No. 7 .pdf file

Case Study No.8
Blue Green Algae Treated for Toxins and Suspended Solids to allow irrigation disposal.
Case Study No. 8 .pdf file

Case Study No.9
Contaminated pits containing 355 million litres treated in 5 days with 61 tonne of reagent.
Case Study No. 9 .pdf file

Case Study No.10
60 megalitre contaminated quarry pit treated with automatic pH correlator for Gold Coast City Council.
Case Study No. 10 .pdf file

Case Study No.11
CRAB used by Department of Natural Resources & Mines to treat leachate from 800 hectares of highly acidic disturbed Acid Sulphate Soils.
Case Study No. 11 .pdf file

Case Study No.12
44 Tonnes of Gypsum applied to a 16Ha Coal Seam Gas holding dam to treat high suspended Solids.
Case Study No. 12 .pdf file

Case Study No.13    
785 Megalitre Sand Mine remediation completed in 6 days
Case Study No. 13 .pdf file

Case Study No.14
5.4 Hectares of highly acidic waste rock neutralised to prevent further AMD runnoff.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.15
Contaminated Holding dam treated for irrigation disposal.
Case Study No. 15 .pdf file

Case Study No.16
55 megalitre contaminated Quarry site treated for licensed environmental release.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.17
Contaminated water in rail Line construction site treated to allow continuation of works.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.18
Coal Stockpile runnoff holding dams treated for low pH and Disspolved metals prior to reuse.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.19
RO treated Coal Seam Gas water treated to modify SAR ratio to allow irrigation disposal.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.20
Highly acidic metal contaminated dam treated for the Local Council.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.21
850 Megalitre Suspended Solids contaminated Community lake treated in 2 days.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.22
Gas pipeline Pressure Test Pit treated for contaminants before Irrigation disposal.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.23
Treatment of Environmentally sensitive contamination caused from Construction site.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.24
Bathymetric survey of council leachate holding pit.
.pdf not available

Case Study No.25
In-Line bulk water treatment water quality (2004)
Case Study No. 25 .pdf file

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